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Governance Pro©. Board Assessment Solutions for Public,

Private, Non-Profit, and Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Leading corporations from around the world have selected Governance Pro© as the framework for performing their board governance evaluations. Our clients tell us that our intuitive web-based user interface, comprehensive suite of twenty-one (21) board assessment templates, and engaging evaluation criteria has significantly improved the way they evaluate the performance of their board, board members, board committees, CEO, senior executive team, and strategic plan. They love how Governance Pro© helps them accurately measure board processes and policies, board composition, board member competencies and contributions; and the way it automatically complies and communicates the evaluation results back to the board.

And, because the culture, bylaws, and needs of every board are unique we designed the standardized performance criteria (based on governance best practices in every Governance Pro© board evaluation template to be fully customizable. Now, regardless of whether you are performing a whole board assessment, board member self-assessment, board member peer assessment, board committee assessment, or evaluating the performance of your chief executive officer and senior executive team; you can define a clear and concise evaluation criteria to fit your unique requirements so that every aspect of board performance can be measured and improved.

Governance Pro© also serves as a valuable resource for the Nominating Committee, helping them review the board's composition to determine the skill-sets, knowledge and expertise of current board members; the preferred profiles of candidates for election to the board; and, in uncovering areas where improvements might be undertaken to make the corporate governance function more productive and effective.

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Governance Pro©. Engaging, Insightful, & Easy-to-Use.


Governance Pro© Features & Benefits

Web-based Board Evaluation Tool: Governance Pro© is the most cost-effective web-based board evaluation tool available on the market today. Developed by leading governance experts, Governance Pro© completely automates your board evaluation processes saving your organization time and money. No more pen and paper board evaluations. Your board members simply login to their private accounts using any Internet connected PC and complete their board evaluations online.

Secure SaaS: Governance Pro© is hosted in a top of the line facility on a dedicated Virtual Private Server backed by Virtuozzo on CentOS 5 with multiple redundant network backbone connections guaranteed to provide 99.9% up-time. Safeguards include 24/7/365 security monitoring, 256-bit SSL encryption technology, interlocking security protocols, multi-layer password protection, server firewalls, nightly automated onsite backups, and weekly automated offsite backups.

Administrative Control: Governance Pro© gives your account administrator total control and management of your account including; the ability to add and delete users, grant and revoke access to the system, manage and customize board evaluation criteria, schedule and notify board members of upcoming evaluations and events, restore completed evaluations for changes or edits, print and export reports, and more.

Board Evaluation Templates: Governance Pro© offers your public, private, non-profit, or not-for-profit organization access to the most comprehensive suite of board evaluations available on the market today.

Customizable Evaluation Criteria: Governance Pro© uses a standardized evaluation criteria (based on governance "best practices") in all of our board evaluation templates that can be implemented immediately by your organization as is, or easily customized to best suit your specific needs.

Perform Multiple Board Evaluations Simultaneously: Governance Pro© robust web-based design gives your board the ability to conduct an unlimited number of board evaluations simultaneously (example; a board evaluation, a CEO evaluation and an audit committee evaluation) without worry of combining the results of one board evaluation with another.

Internal Email Feature: Governance Pro© provides your account administrator with the tools to easily notify board members of upcoming evaluations, remind them to complete outstanding evaluations, and keep them abreast of news and events.

Copy Evaluation Feature: Governance Pro© allows you to copy an evaluation template from a prior year and use it again this year saving you the time it would take to create a new evaluation from scratch. And, the performance criteria is still fully customizable if you need to make changes to the copied evaluation.

Evaluation Status Tracking: Governance Pro© provides your account administrator real-time status tracking of all pending and completed board evaluations.

Evaluation Archive: Governance Pro© automatically archives and complies the results of all completed evaluations into an overall final report to assist your governing board in identifying board strengths as well as areas for discussion and improvement.

Benchmarking Analysis: Governance Pro© empowers you with the tools to track organizational progression year after year; a critical element in ensuring continuous improvement in board performance.

Print and Export Features: Governance Pro© gives you the option of printing a completed evaluation and/or exporting it to Word.

Straightforward User Interface: Governance Pro© is so intuitive and easy-to-use that you can begin evaluating board performance immediately.

Privacy and Protection: Governance Pro© protects the privacy and individual responses of your board members allowing them to freely express their views and opinions in complete anonymity.

Experience and Expertise: Governance Pro© is constantly researching changes, best practices, and new initiatives in board governance to ensure that we continue to meet all your board assessment needs. Support and training is readily available upon request.

Environmentally Conscientious: Governance Pro© is committed to helping you keep your community "clean and green"; by significantly reducing your dependence on paper and ink processes as well as carbon emissions generated by your board for face-to-face meetings.

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