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March 5, 2010

Langley Federal Credit Union

While at a Conference, two Board members saw a demonstration of the Governance Pro© Board Evaluation System. Shortly after, a test run of the program was delivered to the entire Board that convinced them that this program was the choice for an evaluation tool for the CEO appraisal.

The system has proven to be easy to set up and use. It offers privacy for appraisal analysis from individual evaluators. The features include computer generated formulas and “objective” listing of evaluators’ remarks, along with ease of use over the internet. These attributes alone make the system a worthwhile purchase.

The process to set up objective and subjective factors, and make weighting changes was extremely fast and easy. The system worked extremely well for our 2010 CEO Evaluation. It certainly was a time-saver and since the process is completed electronically, it saves paper and contributes to our efforts to go ‘green’.

Randy Bauschke was a great help in preparing a User Guide for the Board of Directors. He was able to handle any request and took the time to explain technical procedures in a way that was easily understood and implemented. He was attentive to our needs and always cooperative.

I highly encourage anyone considering a Board or CEO evaluation system to check out Governance Pro©. Our compliments to Mr. Bauschke for an excellent tool, helpful advice, and good service.

Marilyn L. Kuhn
Vice-President Human Resources
Langley Federal Credit Union

721 Lakefront Commons / Suite 400 / Newport News, VA 23606
Ph: 757-827-7200 / 800-826-7490 /

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