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Governance ProŠ Demand Continues...


Winnipeg, Canada: August 9, 2010

Governance ProŠ is a web-based board evaluation tool that continues to attract considerable interest from both North American and International organizations, encompassing a wide range of industries, concerned with evaluating their board governance.

Designed by leading governance experts, Governance ProŠ replaces the manual ad-hoc processes still used by most organizations today. This multi-faceted tool contains a complete suite of ready-to-use board evaluation templates to conduct self, group and 360 evaluations of the board, its members and committees; provides secure 24/7/365 internet access, offers unlimited customization, email notification, and benchmarking analysis; and allows the client Administrator to easily manage all events. And best of all, only basic computer literacy is required to use the program.

We are conducting dozens of free tours of this program every week,"says Governance ProŠ President, Randy Bauschke" and sales have been increasing dramatically. Once the key decision-makers see the program and compare it to competitor products, there is no question in their minds that Governance ProŠ is the right board evaluation tool for them.

To participate in a no cost, no obligation online demo with you or your entire board, please contact us today.
Contact us today to request more information.

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