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Governance Proİ Board Evaluation System

Today, progressive organizations are taking a hard look at corporate governance. A proactive assessment of board performance is a critically important aspect of corporate governance that clearly signals to shareholder’s that their interests are being represented.

When you sign up for Governance Proİ, your organization will have incorporated the most contemporary web-based board evaluation tool available in the marketplace today. Sample statements addressing the best corporate governance practices of soundly operated corporations required by regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 are contained in Governance Proİ.

Governance Proİ offers assessments for your entire board, board committee's, individual board members, your chief executive officer and senior executive team. Better still, the program does it all for you with a simple point-and-click approach to rating performance. The program provides areas for comments; consolidates all responses under each key topic, and allows you to edit and customize the performance evaluation statements to suit your organization, your culture, and your language preference. As well, the built-in Corporate Governance Policy establishes the goals and guidelines for formalizing the board’s core responsibilities of good corporate governance.

Let us show you how Governance Proİ can help your organization create a culture of board excellence. To participate in a no cost, no obligation online demo with you or your entire board, please contact us today.
Contact us today to request more information.

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