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Welcome to Governance Pro©

Governance Pro© is the most cost-effective web-based Board/CEO evaluation tool available on the market today. Developed by leading governance experts, Governance Pro© replaces the outdated paper based board evaluation processes still used by most organizations with an innovative online board assessment solution that is guaranteed to improve board performance while saving your organization considerable time and money.


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Why Governance Pro©?

Now more than ever, governing boards face a daunting task. To succeed in their responsibility to the organization and its stakeholders the board must make a serious commitment to regularly evaluate their governance performance. The principle objective of evaluating Board/CEO performance is to acknowledge the good; identify areas where improvement is needed; and to engage everyone in building a sound organization through honest communication.

Governance Pro© is quickly becoming the online board assessment solution of choice by organizations all over North America. Its comprehensive suite of twenty-one fully customizable performance evaluation templates, user-friendly navigation and intuitive web-based format makes it easy for your board to accurately evaluate the performance of the board, its board members, board committees, the CEO and senior executive team; as well as your organizations strategic plan. With Governance Pro©, you gain the necessary framework to take complete ownership of your governance process from start-to-finish so you can perform a more efficient, effective and thorough evaluation every time.

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The Governance Pro© Advantage


Governance Pro© will help your board to:

  • Evaluate the performance of the chief executive officer;
  • Promote sound Board/CEO relationships;
  • Build a commitment towards continuous improvement;
  • Assess the board's governance performance;
  • Identify board strengths and weaknesses;
  • Align the board's mission, goals, and bylaws;
  • Establish board performance benchmarks;
  • Develop a well-rounded governing board;
  • Create a shared vision of director roles and functions;
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the board's recruitment process;
  • Improve board policies and processes; and more.
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